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      That is how Prairie Farms began.  In 1932, local creameries had begun to organize into a state-wide organization to facilitate the marketing of cream in Illinois.  This cooperative organization was called Illinois Producers Creameries.  Producers Creamery of Carlinville, now headquarters of Prairie Farms Dairy, was the ninth of twelve co-op creameries to become part of the organization on May 14, 1938.

      Now over 700 farms strong, Prairie Farms is recognized throughout the Midwest for its array of superior dairy products and exceptional service. From our modest beginning in 1938, Prairie Farms Dairy has always kept a few bedrock principles in mind; quality, reliability, and faithfulness to our customers and consumers. These principles constitute a valuable tradition that is represented in every one of our products.

      Prairie Farms and its subsidiaries manufacturers and markets a full line of dairy food products out of its own 24 plants and 13 joint venture plants throughout the Midwest and Mid-South. Prairie Farms’ line includes a wide variety of fluid milk products; juices and drinks; cultured dairy products including dips, sour cream, cottage cheese and yogurt; and the creamy pleasure of Prairie Farms ice cream, including our premium brand, Prairie Farms Old Recipe.

      By applying only the latest technology in our production and utilizing the knowledge we’ve gained over decades of service, we succeed in keeping our wholesome products dairy fresh. If you’re savoring a bowl of one of our delectable ice creams with your family, staying healthy with a tall, cold glass of our milk, or enjoying any of our other dairy products, you can count on the fact that Prairie Farms is working hard to produce the very best just for you.

      Keep your bodies strong, your kids healthy, and your taste buds happy! Let’s carry on the Prairie Farms Dairy tradition together.

      Prairie Farms Dairy Remains Committed To This Foundation For Success:
      • To increase equity value balanced with organization growth
      • To encourage each employee to attain his or her maximum potential
      • To simply do what is right – and conduct our business with professional integrity
      • To strengthen our competitive edge by embracing the principle of innovation
      • To be the leader in high quality products and services